How to Remove Password from WinRAR File Without any Software

Did you forget your password from the folder that you have protected? Well, then here is the answer for you. With WinRAR, you can easily find out the password that you have lost or forgotten. Therefore, no matter whatsoever the case is WinRAR Password Remover will solve your queries. This can help you to get your password within no time. As you know that WinRAR can help you to flatten many files in just one small folder which makes it easy for you to send it to your work client or you colleagues. So, while creating RAR password, you lost the access to it. In this post, you will find the how to remove password from the RAR archives.

How to Remove WinRAR Password?

There are two methods of removing WinRAR password, for no protection and for the issue that you have forgotten.

1) For no password protection:

To remove the password that you have created are mentioned below:

  • First of all, you need to open the WinRAR software. Now right click on the file that you wish to erase the password. Finally select the extract files.
  • You need to click on the file that is showing a password.
  • Now click ok again on the next window button.
  • Again click Ok on the new file. Your password will be removed easily.

2) Forgotten password:

If you have forgotten completely the password that you have applied in one of the folders then WinRAR Password Remover will be a very much beneficial tool.

  • First of all, you need to download the WinRAR Password Remover.
  • Now click on the file and start the installation process.
  • Once you have installed, locate the file.
  • Open the WinRAR Password Remover Software and select the file that you wish to remove the password.
  • Select the file and click on the Removed Password button.
  • Once it is removed, you can view the file properly.

Features of WinRAR Password Remover:

  • You can easily unlock all the ZIP and RAR attachments.
  • With just a single click your passwords can be removed.
  • They are extremely safe and easy to use.
  • With WinRAR Password remover, you can select and remove any RAR files.
  • You can use this software anywhere which means that it is completely portable.

WinRAR Password Remover helps you to easily remove any password that you have forgotten or lost. You can easily use this software as it is safe and secure.